Pre/Post Construction


With our "Complete Project Development" philosophy we ensure a strong start which is key to a strong finish. We make things like site selection as easy as possible... clients provide their site criteria such as necessary traffic count, ingress/egress, turn lanes, etc. We locate the perfect site, review legal, handle local regulations such as DOT requirements and are then ready for the next stage of the project.

A brief listing of services offered: site selection and approval, contract negotiation, legal and title review, site investigation, site design, lease preparation, value engineering, advisement of local rules/regulations, and financing procurement.


Service after the sale is the foundation our entire organization is built on. From post construction inspections and as built drawings to warranties and certifications, we consistently out perform our competition in our resolve to ensure our clients are satisfied for years after the project is complete. Regardless if we are the developer, construction manager or both, our long list of loyal clients speaks for itself.