Real Estate Capital Markets

Rimrock Devlin Capital Markets primary goal is to match our equity with real estate-based investments. We invest our resources in national real estate markets with a specialty in single-tenant net leased assets. Our portfolio is geared to meet specific risk tolerance, capitalization and income requirements.

We look for managed investment opportunities that diversify our current positions, mitigate risk via defined exit strategies and require minimal maintenance effort (such as our managed account model where we can defer management responsibilities without relinquishing control of our assets).

Single-tenant net leased investment strategies that look to acquire stable and predictable returns for our portfolio allow us to create “core” assets that reduce portfolio volatility and serve as a bond-like replacement strategy. Our portfolio holds prestigious names like Verizon Wireless and Dollar General that are built/owned by our group and that generate passive monthly rental income for our portfolio.

Our Investment objectives include:

Capital Preservation

Passive Monthly Income

Inflation Hedged Growth

"Connecting our equity with diversified real estate-based investment opportunities."

As a developer for large national brands (such as Verizon Wireless and Dollar General), we are able to build and own real estate holdings that generate passive monthly rental income for our portfolio.